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Job Descriptions


Responsible for setup, maintenance, and operation of the bar. Takes drink orders from patrons or servers and prepares and serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks according to standard recipes. Mixes ingredients for cocktails and serves wine and bottled or draught beer. Rings drink orders into the register, collects payment. May also wash and sterilize glassware, prepare garnishes for drinks and prepare and replenish appetizers.


Line Cook

The line cook is responsible for ensuring the highest quality of culinary services for our members and guests while continuing the effort to deliver “Championship” service and financial profitability.  In addition, she/he maintains consistent food preparation and plate presentation for a la carte venues and catered events.  You will have the opportunity to work with an energetic staff in an educational kitchen environment.  Must be able to work a flexible schedule including Weekends and Holidays. 



Responsible for providing prompt, efficient, courteous, professional food and beverage service.  Thorough knowledge of food terminology, food service techniques and sanitation standards, pre-meal setup and post-meal cleanup.    Abide by all State, Federal and Corporate liquor regulations pertaining to serving alcoholic beverages to minors and intoxicated guests.


Serves water, bread, and butter to guests and refills glasses as needed. Removes dirty dishes between courses. Clears, cleans and resets tables after customers leave.



The first point of contact for the restaurant. Host/Greeters(s) are a personal representation of the service and overall hospitality of the staff of the restaurant. While guests are waiting to be seated or waiting for take-out orders to be ready, it is the job of the hostess to ensure that the guests are made comfortable and kept informed of the status of their orders or wait times. In some restaurants, the hostess offers drinks to the guests who have to wait.


Executive Chef

The department head responsible for a food service establishment’s kitchen/kitchens. Ensures kitchens provide nutritious, safe, eye-appealing, properly flavored food. Maintains a safe and sanitary work environment for all employees. Other duties include menu planning, budget preparation, and maintenance of payroll, food cost and other records. Specific duties involve food preparation and establishing quality standards, and training employees in cooking methods, presentation techniques, portion control and retention of nutrients.




NOTE: All information applicant provided information will be securely held and only used for employment inquiries only. By submitting an application, all applicants certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I (applicant) understand that to falsify information is grounds for refusing to hire me, or for discharge should I be hired. I (applicant) authorize any person, organization or company listed on this application to furnish you any and all information concerning my previous employment, education, and qualifications for employment. I (applicant) also authorize you to request and receive such information.

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